Bridal Accessories

Hair Accessory Collection

Silver or Gold plated and nickel free, incorporating high quality crystal and made using the latest in design technology.

Aster hair accessory

Aster £120

Blossom hair accessory

Blossom £110

Willow hair accessory

Willow £65

Lupin hair accessory

Lupin £140

Violet hair accessory

Violet £80

Flora hair accessory

Flora £90

Baccara Silver Hair Vine

Baccara £90

Telen Gold Leaf Crystal Hair Vine

Telen £90

Madison Diamante Alice Band

Madison £65

Sophie Pearl Hair Comb

Sophie £80

Melissa Vintage Gold Hair Comb

Melissa £90

Heather Gold Leaf Hairvine

Heather £65

Acacia Freshwater Pearl Hair Vine

Acacia Hair Vine £80

Paris Pearl Hair Comb

Paris Hair Comb £75

Paris Gold Side Tiara

Paris Gold Side Tiara £95

Paris Side Tiara

Paris Side Tiara £95

Petal Side Tiara

Petal Side Tiara £90

Petal Tiara

Petal Tiara £110

Firenza Wedding Dress Accessory

Firenza £95

Gatsby Wedding Dress Accessory

Gatsby £95

Opaline Wedding Dress Accessory

Opaline £100

Alethea Wedding Dress Accessory

Alethea £95

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